There are a ton of misconceptions surrounding car care and detailing. None more, it seems, than achieving a showroom finish on a black car. For one reason or another, this paint scheme seems to frustrate people the most. While I admit the color is unforgiving at times, it comes down to two problem areas. In this post, we will troubleshoot these points and find out which is the best black car wax for your vehicle.

It’s Probably You

Clean Your Car

No one ever wants to be told something they are doing is wrong. Most of us have goals and a vision of how we are going to accomplish them. We think we are doing our best and expect a certain result. We may know what we are doing or we may think we know. Regardless, when things don’t go as planned, few of us question our methods.

When I set out to test and analyze the best wax for black cars, something became clear right away. A good majority of consumers who failed to achieve their desired results did one of two things wrong. If not both. They used the wrong wax product or didn’t take the time to properly clean the vehicle. I wrote a whole post describing the different waxes available on the market. I also show you step by step how to prep your vehicle first. Make sure you check that out before choosing the best car wax for black paint.

Pick The Right Wax

Almost all online purchases are predicated around social proof these days. We hardly make a decision without reading comments and reviews. It’s the new word of mouth times a thousand. For some products, it could be tens of thousands. We can easily get overwhelmed by all the choices available. All products have both great and terrible reviews. Despite a product having few bad reviews in comparison, they weigh heavily on our mindset. Again, it seems, we don’t want to be wrong.

I take negative comments seriously, but with a grain of salt. I try to read between the lines as much as possible. I want to understand what that person was trying to achieve and how they went about it.

I remember an instance when I was trying out different waxes for another review. I chose four different manufacturers and they all gave me similar results. I was quite satisfied and could have recommended any of them to my closest friends. I decided to check out car detailing forums and see if others had the same positive results.

One annoyed customer gave one of these products one star and wrote a full essay on how terrible it was. He wanted a showroom finish for his black vehicle. A reasonable and achievable goal. He purchased a hybrid spray wax. The label clearly stated it was a sealant and polish spray, infused with Carnauba wax. Infused!

The rest of his essay became meaningless. If you didn’t clue into what he did wrong, I will again encourage you to read my previous post. For those who want a quick answer, I will point out that wax and polish work in different ways. A polish will soften and remove a small layer of paint. It’s what gives it the ability to remove superficial scratches and impurities. A sealant is a synthetic wax made from polymers, engineered to shine and protect the vehicle. The Carnauba wax is, well, a wax.

This hybrid product had the Holy Trinity of a showroom finish in a bottle. But these ingredients have to be applied in a specific order. Not to mention in sufficient quantities using the right technique. Guys will feel quite confident about using a 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel combo. I know I do. But ask any woman and they will be repulsed. For good reason. They simply will not bring forth their best qualities when combined.

Are hybrid wax products bad? No! Not at all. But you have to use them for the right reason. If you want a showroom finish you must first clean your vehicle. Remove scratches, swirls, and impurities with a polish. Wax using a good quality, natural Carnauba wax. Protect all your hard work with a sealant. Once you’ve done all this, you can maintain it using a hybrid formula for several months.

Characteristics of Quality

Orange Mustang

We’ve all been told, at one point or another, to try and stand out from the crowd. Whether for a job interview, a special talent, or endeavors such as starting a business. Wanting your car to stand out as you drive down the road is not about making others envious. It’s also not about the type of car you have. It reflects your desire to stand out by doing the little things most people won’t. It’s an indication of pride which will attract the attention of kindred spirits. People sharing the same characteristics as you. Admiring the quality of your work.
With that in mind, I’ve categorized my favorite wax products in 4 categories. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which of these qualities you value most.

  • Best Shine
  • Long-Lasting
  • Affordable
  • All In One

I always consider two other factors across the board. Prices have to be reasonable. It has nothing to do with affordability. I’ve never been uneasy about paying for quality. When it comes to car care you will need to purchase several products. Depending on scope and application. These costs can add up and your effort becomes senseless. You could get a professional to do it if that’s the case.
The second universal rule of mine. Products shouldn’t require additional tools, gadgets, or gimmicky items. The one exception is a power buffer. I don’t personally use one but there is nothing wrong with that. Some vehicles have been neglected for so long, it’s the only way to revive them. Outside of that I expect them to work and require nothing but elbow grease and microfiber towels. Anything else should be included in the kit by the manufacturer.

Best Shine

Chemical Guys Butter Wax

Carnauba Wax is the clear leader when it comes to shine, UV protection, and repelling water. This butter wax is fortified with polymers and resins which make it very effective and low maintenance. I also found it really easy to work with. Especially if you’re only planning on applying it a couple of times a year.

P21S 12701W 100% Carnauba Wax

This P21S is for serious car detailers only. You can’t get any better than 100% Pure Carnauba. I’m not going to beat this topic to death. I think you understand the benefits by now. Working with this wax will require some extra dedication on your part, however. You have to tape your trim and any other rubber or plastic parts as it will leave residue on them. The benefits far outweigh the extra work and you will be amazed by the results. Plus pure wax is pretty badass!


Meguiar’s Gold Class Paste

The Gold Class Paste is another polymer blend the seems to last forever on my vehicles. Although I use it frequently, I’ve only applied it to newer vehicles. For this reason, I can’t say with certainty that it outperforms in the shine department. It’s certainly a leader when it comes to long-lasting protection. If your paint is in great condition, this will be the best bang for your buck.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax

I wanted to include an alternative for those of you who use an electric buffer. This Ultimate Liquid Wax offers the same long-lasting qualities found in the paste and doesn’t leave any residue. I also found it be easy on the pads.


Mothers Synthetic Wax

One of the easiest waxes to apply, buff, and maintain on the market. The first time I used it I was very surprised by the high level of shine it yielded. I’ve used it on everything from sports cars to work trucks. The price point is always reasonable making it a no brainer. I think you will love the versatility it provides.

All In One

Collinite Collonite 845 Insulator Wax

Alright, this wax is an absolute beast. There is nothing this high-quality formula can’t handle. Not only does it leave a surprising amount of shine, but it also protects against UV, rain, snow, salt, dust, dirt, grime, bugs, staining, and more. It’s extremely long-lasting and has one of the best reputations in the business. Can’t say enough good things about it.

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